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[Utkarsh Agarwal] Sunday, April 19, 2020

I hope that the spread of Corona virus comes under control in the U.S. soon. In India, it is being controlled very well, and strict orders are being implemented every day for social distancing. No movement out of the home is permitted unless absolutely necessary and that only excludes going nearby to buy groceries, medicines and other essentials.

At present, around 16 thousand people are infected in India with the coronavirus, and they are being kept in strict isolation, and unfortunately about 550 people have died.

There have been some tragic incidents that spread the virus, or that attempted to profit from it, or both. A pizza delivery guy had coronavirus and infected 72 homes where he delivered pizza and the entire locality and people living there are now kept in isolation and in quarantine. It would not have happened if the companies had closed their outlets at the start of the lockdown. Private bus transport operators made a killing when they charged exorbitant amounts of money from passengers because of the prevailing situation. These transport companies told passengers that they would transport them safely to their hometowns, but instead of 100 rupees they charged them 1000 rupees and looted people. However, they were reported by locals and were charged a heavy fine by regulatory authorities. This happened during the initial stages of the lockdown.

I’ve been thinking that because of the pandemic, some companies must have increased the price of goods in order to make more profit. When I checked some online stores, I saw that the price for a mask is now 1000 rupees, approximately 13 U.S. dollars.

There have been a number of social distancing measures put in place. Only four people can go inside the store and must keep distance between them. No one is allowed to go inside any store without a mask. Spitting is a punishable offense now. If four people are already inside the store, then you have to stand outside and wait for your turn. Nobody is allowed to go too far from their home. Some people are not co-operating with doctors and nurses. In a four-wheeler, only two persons are allowed and in a two wheeler only one person is allowed. Each state has been divided into 3 zones, the Red zone, the Orange zone and the Green zone. The Red zone is the zone which has all the Corona patients of the state, and no activity is allowed in the Red zone. The Orange zone is the zone of suspects of Corona. The Green zone is the zone with no Corona patients. Goa is the only state which is free of corona.

I hope that this Corona Pandemic will end soon and that the world will be normal again and I hope the dead streets will be live again. My high school work takes up more than 12 hours a day. I am also sending you some pictures of my area in Delhi. Be safe. Stay home.

Utkarsh Agarwal | Delhi | April 19, 2020

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