Here Comes the Sun

[Ian Sinclair] Wednesdays April 15/ May 4, 2020

I am a single, older man, with not a great number of friends, yet, over the past four weeks, I have, to my astonishment, found that four of them believe that Covid 19 is part of some plot/plan by the US/Chinese, or by Bill Gates to solve the world’s population problem. Bill also wants to vaccinate everyone for some reason not to do with saving their lives (or something).

I am not saying for one minute that governments and corporations are not amoral and ruining the planet and so on, and on; but there is always purpose, albeit a mad, wonky purpose to their evilness. “They” did really dose up soldiers with LSD without telling them, and also scarily and hilariously, spray large urban areas with supposedly benign bacteria to gauge the potential spread of a germ warfare attack. But. Launching an indiscriminate attack on the whole world in pursuit of rather unclear aims? Not only does it not make sense, we also need to remember that governments just like all of us, have trouble not only saying what they want to do but also following through and actually doing it.  Maybe we’re all just monkeys with typewriters.

My friends are really nice people and mostly far more educated than me. And yet.

You may have heard of other conspiracies as well. Folks have been burning 5G cell towers in the belief that the masts are linked to the virus. A burnt tower in Birmingham had been providing service to one of the vast field hospitals that our government has built (allegedly to prep to fight the virus, but, as the ‘theory’ goes, actually to show the world that the British Army can build hospitals bigger and faster than the Chinese). The giant 4000 (potential bed count) Nightingale Hospital had no patients at last count. Mostly people are dying in their own beds, either in their own homes, or in “care homes”.

What does one say? Mostly I avoid argument, although, I did employ the terms “lunatic conspiracy nonsense”, in a discussion someone in my yoga class last month.  (Earlier, I was guilty of rather provocatively advocating the beauty of microwave ovens to the same person.) I was tempted to go right in with “batsh*t crazy” but it was, after all, yoga class where I suppose we had all come to get some peace.

Anyway, I’m going to make up with the Yoga Friend when we can all go back to class, because, in the end all we need is love, and then as the Beatles said, “Here Comes the Sun”.


Ian Sinclair | Finsbury Park, London | April 15/ May 4, 2020

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