Ghootar-goo Ghootar-goo #Kabutarhaha

[Kudrat Dev] Saturday March 28/ Monday May 18, 2020

Yes it is me talking to you.
Why so surprised? 
The way you spot me in the sky
I spot you on earth

The sky is my home 
At least that’s what you think 
I have just figured out where your home is 
I was always confused between that other place where you spent more hours during the day than this place 
Seeing you clean this place sealed the answer 
I clean my own nest too, not a big fan of outsourcing

I have seen your balcony swing swinging with the wind
I have enjoyed swinging on it as well
It looks better with you swinging on it
Yes, I am ready to share the swing with you
I have adjusted my visit timings

I saw a man cooking in your kitchen 
Is everything okay? 
I hope your land has not been snatched away from you 
My nest was once, it was painful 
Let me know if you want me to fly into him and attack, I will bring friends along

Yes, I am offering you my friendship 
You see me a lot these days
Especially when you are swinging 
I feel admired, yes my flight is beautiful 
Check out the group dive we will be doing at sunset today

My friends and I loved to shit over India Gate
Taking a dump in the sky is the coolest feeling 
Now we have stopped doing it
Not fun to shit over your own shit you see

The guy who came to clean has stopped coming to clean up
Do you know him? What’s his deal?
We wait for him to return to return to shitting 

To be honest, I enjoy hearing the sound of my voice
No, I mean I like yours too but not when you with your friends drown out mine 
My family was partying the other day, the usual ceremony before sunset 
And my sister who recently migrated to Chandigarh could hear us
This is unprecedented 

The bird council met last Friday and they say good times are here 
I have expressed my dissent and have highlighted how humans are acting all unusual 
I don’t buy that the human clan has gone on vacation at home all together, no clan would do that 
You are quite silent these days
Don’t worry I will ensure your voice is represented 

Kudrat Dev | Home Balcony, Gurgaon | March 28/ May 16, 2020

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