Six Feet.

[Peer Zumbansen] Saturday, May 23rd, 2020

The Moon’s white beam is reflected
in the moist wooden boards of the fence
It is night, stars only dimly cast their
Who ever said that tipping a cow was a pastime?


A drop of water percolates along
the avenue of my directionless thoughts.
How to collect them in this ‘lock down’?
Drip. Dripping. Drowned.
Who ever said life was a long quietly flowing river?


Sounds mix in my head which itself
no longer contains an inside separate from the outside.
Images melt into one another and yet
we stay put.
What’s six feet in human connections?


Time takes too much time
and still we live in 140 bytes and 15 second tic-toc units.
It will all be different “afterwards”, right?
Pizza, Hugging, Funerals.
In Germany, it was museums and Beer gardens that opened
again first.


Peer Zumbansen | Los Angeles | Saturday, May 23rd, 2020

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