Quarantine-Bodies: An Auto-Psychogeography of Law

[Joshua Shaw] Friday, April 10, 2020 After twenty-eight days in isolation, I have concluded my anti-depressants have stopped working. It seems obvious to me now as I pace my apartment, flitting between couch, armchair, bed and, even more briefly, my desk, searching desperately for a place that can conjure a sense of determination, an excitableContinue reading “Quarantine-Bodies: An Auto-Psychogeography of Law”

Coronavirus and the Neoliberalism of Fear

[Inbar Peled] Saturday, April 4, 2020 In the wake of the pandemic, democracies worldwide are witnessing the rise of emergency politics. What started with the closure of borders to prevent the spread of the virus, is now creeping into the very infrastructure of domestic legislation. The decision of Hungary’s parliament to grant Prime Minister ViktorContinue reading “Coronavirus and the Neoliberalism of Fear”