What it Means to be Human (in Times of Crisis)

[Laura Mai] Friday, April 3, 2020 I sit at my desk, looking out of the window, listening to birds chirping. Thoughts racing. Heart beating. Lungs breathing. In the early hours of the day following BoJo’s announcement of a UK-wide ‘lock-down’, I woke up slightly irritated when my little friends started their singing at dawn. Now,Continue reading “What it Means to be Human (in Times of Crisis)”

The Journal’s Beginning

[Peer Zumbansen] First entry: Wednesday, April 1 (no joke), 2020 Just listened to this podcast on In Tune Radio App, coming from RRB Kultur. I found it very well done, it was short and, thus, manageable, i.e. doable, and it was very effective in highlighting one or two things of importance with each “entry”. TheContinue reading “The Journal’s Beginning”